Let Our Family Take Care of Your Family

Don’t just think of us as Dentists — think of us as the family who takes care of your family.

At the general dentist offices of Adel H. Hanna D.D.S. and Jim Brady D.D.S., you and your whole family will feel at home — even if you have young children whose opinion of dentists matches their opinion of monsters under their bed.

Having served Springboro, Warren County, and South Dayton for 20 years, Dr. Hanna and Dr. Brady have blessed their patients’ families with an unforgettable experience:

Being able to enjoy  trips to the dentist.

We fulfill this promise to seniors and toddlers alike:
1. Patient Comfort
Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and at home in our office. From the moment you arrive for your appointment, you and your children are given what they need to make the experience enjoyable.

2. Innovative Treatments
We put decades of scientific advancements and technological innovations to use to give you and your family smiles that you can be proud of. Every paste and gel your child receives during an appointment is a fun flavor, with options including cherry, mint, and bubble gum!

3. Caring Staff
We are real people who care a lot about your teeth. But our patients come back to us year after year not only because we do our jobs well, but because they become lifelong friends with our staff.

Tip for New(er) Parents: We recommend the first dental examination and teeth cleaning by your child’s third birthday.